Read Crypto Concepts FaQ or send us your own enquirer through our message board on the Contact Us page

1. Do I need a laptop?

No, you can buy just the “turnkey” package and provide us with a laptop but it must be “new in box.”

2. Do I need an email address?

No, one will be created for you. (included in the “turnkey” package).

3. Do I need a virus protection program?

No, one will be custom installed to the laptop. (included in the “turnkey” package).

4. Do I need to know how to install the wallets?

No, the wallets come pre-installed. (included in the “turnkey” package). Passwords are generated for you and backups created on a dedicated recovery USB key.

5. What if I need additional wallets?

Additional wallets can be installed and synchronized at a nominal cost. Refer to wallet setup options under Services on the website.

6. Do I need to backup my wallet keys and passwords?

No, you will receive a USB with all this information backed up on it. (included in the “turnkey” package) A second USB can be held in trust by Crypto Concepts for you if you are afraid you may lose yours. Fee applies.

7. What if I am not in Australia? How do I get my 1 on 1 training session?

We will run a training session via Skype and take you through the process.

8. Do I have to register for a pre-paid credit card?

No, buying one of our packages automatically qualifies you for a pre-paid credit card.

9. Can the card be used outside of Australia?

Yes, anywhere where Master Card is accepted. The load process of the card is not affected.

10. What is 2FA?

Second stage Authentication (2-Factor Authentication). Certain apps and websites have an option for this additional layer of security. We recommend using 2FA in all circumstances and can assist with installation and setup if required.

11. Can I trade in Crypto Currencies with one of your packages?

Yes you can, our packages set you up for this capability from the moment you receive it.

12. Can I use Crypto Coins in real life?

Yes, we educate people how to live with Crypto Coins from paying for a cup of coffee to paying your utility bills to paying for fuel in your car. You can live with Crypto Coins through our packages.

13. Can I store my Crypto Coins off-line?

Yes, you can purchase a “cold wallet” from us and we can show you how to transfer your coins safely and securely. We offer the industry leading Ledger Nano S, for more advanced users the Ledger Nano Blue can be ordered. For ultimate security you can also secure these cold wallets in physical vaults, we can advise through our partners how this can be done for a nominal fee which can be under $1/day depending on options and insurance.

14. Can I convert my Super Funds to Crypto?

Yes you can. We offer the full solution through a licensed financial agent to convert your Super to Crypto and store it safely with ATO compliant audits which can be reported through your accountant under your SMSF. Our business partners can advise the full process including setup of your SMSF with the right deed to ensure your SMSF is aligned to make the most of cryptocurrency investments.

15. What if I accidently delete my wallet?

If you have your wallet keys the wallet can be recovered.

16. What if I delete my wallet and have lost my usb with my wallet keys.

Your wallet and funds are lost, they cannot be recovered. We recommend that our clients always have a backup of their keys in more than one safe location. We can offer 3rd party secure storage of your keys (private physical vault) from under $1/day depending on options and insurance.

17. What if I lose my 2FA Authenticator app?

Pending which app you used it can possibly be recovered. The process involves contacting customer service (of where your are trying to 2FA into). They will seek to confirm your ID to ensure they are allowing access to the account from the valid account holder. In the event you are not able to satisfy the 2FA issuer / exchange of your ID, your only option will be to have new accounts created for the exchanges of your choice.

18. What if I buy a new phone?

The authenticator app can be installed on the new phone.

Option 1: When you setup 2FA, take a screenshot of the QR code whenever you setup a new Authenticator for a site and save it in an safe location (eg: Encrypted USB Recovery Key). Should you need to reinstall or add the Authenticator for that site to another phone, simply add the account in Authenticator by scanning the QR code in the screenshot just as if you were setting up a new site.

Option 2: You will need to remove 2FA from your services/exchanges and re-enable by enrolling your new phone with the Authenticator app with 2FA for the site again. You can do this site by site until you’ve restored all your 2FA onto the new phone.

19. What if a transaction takes too long, you have waited a day or more?

You can email the exchange or we can track the transaction for you on the block chain providing you have the transaction id or # tag. They can advise what the issue is.

20. Can I send funds to my family in other countries?

Yes you can, no restriction on amount. Most of the time there are no fees but if fees do apply they are nominal. Cryptocurrency by its very nature has no international boundaries. You can send it where anyone has a wallet to receive it into.