Nano S back in stock today – limited supply.

The Ledger Nano S has been in very high demand over the past few months, so much so we sold out just before Xmas.

Today, we have limited quantities available for sale, the product can be ordered via our website :

We expect this batch to run out very quickly (possibly by the weekend) and the next shipment is not due/confirmed as yet but may be as far away as late March or early April.

The price changes from the last batch reflect our costs for this current batch (base cost, shipping, exchange rates AUD/EUR). We are hoping the next shipment (March/April 2018) will be able to revert to previous pricing levels, but this is subject to Ledger pricing / shipping charges and exchange rates around that timeframe. It is hard to predict the exact price especially since the AUD seems to be quite volatile at this point in time.

Due to demand and low availability of the Nano Ledger wallets, we are looking to source KeepKey wallets in February ( , please keep an eye on our website for further updates.

Yours in Crypto !