Welcome to the World of Crypto Currency!

2017 will be the year remebered when Cryptocurrency went “mainstream”. today we are seeing ETF’s setup for Bitcoin and Etherium. We are seeing nations like Japan announce BItcoin as a nationally accepted payment. In Spain they are rolling out 4000 bitcoin ATMs to compliment their 800 they already have. Russia is contemplating legislation pro-bitcoin and even Australia is calling out for BItcoin to be a legitimate currency in its own right. Self Managed Super funds are also now able to invest in cryptocurrencies.

If you thought that it was too late to join and start being involved in investing in Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies & assets, the good news is its not too late! My business partner and I have set up this company to allow people the means to access cryptocurrency markets and to ensure that their investments are safe and secure whilst avoiding many of the risks and pitfalls that exist for the new investor in this space. We have first hand experience in dealing with many of the technologies and entities that play a part of the digital currency revolution that is sweeping across the world right now. We have put togehter packages of hardware and software including time spent with us learning how to use and leverage it for trading and storign your holdings.

This is a very exciting time to be involved in these markets, they are dynamic (volatile) and can prove to be verry rewarding for those who are astute investors and manage risk well as with any investment type. The markets move faster than stocks and other investments. There are around 900+ cryptocurrencies and changes almost on a daily basis. To see what I mean, look at this list: https://coinmarketcap.com/  if you were to check back in 1-2 months, the names on this list will change over time

We want to allow people to have a “fast track” into this space whilst maintaining sight of the important security measures and precautions to take.  One of the key differnces with cryptocurrencies is that you become the bank with respect to your holdings. You need no permission to transact, you are able to do so almost instaneously, and in most cases faster than traditional invesment methods.

Whilst I will say that everyone should participate in this market based on your own risk profile, I have taken the plunge and am 100% invested in this. Time will tell if my decision was right or not but