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Turn key cryptocurrency trading software & banking packages, gives savvy investors access to private banking and cryptocurrency trading on a secure laptop custom built for each client.

This service is targeted to savvy investors who are aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies and want to get the fastest possible route into being able to participate in the global cryptocurrency markets which are currently worth $150 billion (as of 21/08/2017 and growing every day). Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges takes place across most continents on a 24/7 basis.

This turn-key solution will allow a person familiar with trading traditional investments: Stocks, FX etc to be able to trade cryptocurrencies in the same way. There is the ability to utilise Technical Analysis techniques and tools for cryptocurrency and have the access to cryptocurrency exchanges which trade in real time 24/7.

Through the use of this turnkey solution, an investor will be able to access cryptocurrency directly via AUD and will be able to perform exchange between AUD and cryptocurrency pairs with accounts which will be established for them as part of this package.

Additionally, the investor will be able to access their cryptocurrency funds via a pre-paid VISA card rechargeable via cryptocurrency. This is not a standard pre-paid VISA card as it comes with concierge service which can help facilitate purchases and payments including cars, boats, property and other assets up to a maximum of USD$2,000,000. The card can be used as an everyday VISA card to pay for your coffee or your rent! A mobile app is available which allows Android Pay (tap & pay) via your mobile’s NFC chip linked to your VISA account.

This turn-key solution has been created with security in mind, so there are a number of security measures throughout the purchase, delivery and ongoing use of the system provided. Additionally, the investor is able to future secure their trading environment by taking on additional measure around 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), encrypted drives & backups etc.

This is new territory, we have your back!

Your turn-key solution and experience with Crypto Concepts does not end when you receive your laptop. We will walk through setup & use of your new platform so you know how to get the most out of your cryptocurrency trading software. Each package includes dedicated 1 on 1 time with a Crypto Concepts expert consultant to get you up and running as fast as possible. Beyond the initial training, there will be further opportunities to engage with Crypto Concepts to resolve your questions. Contact us to find out how we can assist. Refer to the product description below for initial training details.