What can be returned?

All hardware products which contain computer equipment eg: Hardware Wallet or Laptops may be eligible for return.

Eligibility for return depends on the nature of the problem, in all cases please contact our customer service team or email : admin@cryptoconcepts.com.au

IN TRANSIT DAMAGE : Any type of damage in transit is covered under our shipping insurance and we can replace or refund where damage in transit has occurred. In this instance please ensure you report damage in transit at the time of signing / collecting the item. Original packaging will also be required to process the claim.

  • Timing – this must be claimed at the time of receiving the item.

FAULTY EQUIPMENT: In the instance were the product has been shipped / collected without issue but there is an intrinsic problem with the hardware, please call our customer support team to describe the problem to assist us determining the next step. This may be anything from a simple misunderstanding of how the equipment functions through to a manufacturer defect which may need to be claimed under manufacturer warranty.

  • This must be claimed in the period of warranty validity and not be a results of misuse. Typically warranty is for 12 months from date of purchase. Any instances where misuse of the item has occurred but the claim has been made as a manufacturer warranty may invalidate the warranty claim and any expenses relating to repair and return shipping will be at the expense of the customer.

When do items need to be returned by?

Returns must be requested within 14 days of receiving the item, however in the case of “In-transit damage”, this must be claimed on the day of receiving the item.

Where do items need to be returned to?

A return address will be provided where our customer service team agrees there is a valid reason for return.

How do customers return items?

In-transit damage claims must be the whole product in its original box and shipping material to be returned exactly as received. Where the damage is significant, please ensure that the item is able to be placed in a larger sized box for return shipping. Photos should be taken of the damaged box/goods prior to returning the item so it can be assessed by our customer service team. Please email photos to admin@cryptoconcepts.com.au

Warranty claims will require you have the original receipt for your item a(scan/email is acceptable to : admin@cryptoconcepts.com.au. The item should be returned in appropriately padded shipping box, ideally the original box it was shipped out in. Please contact customer service if any questions on how to package and return the item.

Shipping for returns?

Are original shipping rates refundable? Does customer pay for shipping the return?

Return shipping is refundable in most instances except where the fault has been determined to be negligence on part of the customer. Details on this process will be shared at the time of the claim.

Credit for returns?

Set how customer is credited for returned item. Where credit has been issued for a return, the customer may choose to take a full refund through the payment method they originally purchased via, alternatively a store credit will be issued on to the customer account in order for them to select another purchase from the store.

Instore return option?

Returns can be made directly to the main office in Boondall, QLD, Australia. Please contact admin@cryptoconcepts.com.au in order to arrange delivery in person.

Packing materials?

Do items need to be in original packaging for returns?

When packaging return items, please ensure original packaging is used where possible; if not, please ensure your return is safely packed with the relevant packing materials to prevent damage on the return shipment. Packaging fees in most instance will be refunded along with shipping costs subject to confirmation the problem with the product is not as a result of customer negligence.